MODA Alcazar Night 2 Designers

MODA Alcazar show nights are September 14th, 15th, and 16th 2016 to be held at the Lightner Museum featuring both local and national Designers. Get to know the talented indivuals that STAFW has so carefully selected to present their SS 17 collections this Fall. 

Designer Erin Healy: Featured Designer Night 2  

Designer Erin Healy’s fashion maxim is the same as that of one of her most revered influences:

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”   ~Coco Chanel.

“That really is the hallmark of a great design,” says Erin, who launched her fashion career in 2006. “A man may forget the details of one of my dresses. But if he can’t get the woman who wore it out of his mind, I’ve accomplished my goal.”

Erin’s signature look is one that conveys classic couture with an updated edge and a focus on rare, highly textured fabrics. Staples of her collections have ranged from flowing, beach-friendly sundresses to leg-baring cocktail ensembles to dramatic, floor-length gowns sure to turn heads and make lasting impressions. 

 Elizabeth has found a way to combine her passions of history and fashion through sewing and has enjoyed learning every step of the way. Elizabeth draws her inspiration from over seaveral centruies of fashion and believes that styles from one era can easily be combined with another to create something beasutiful, as well as modern.

    Originally from Virginia, Elizabeth has moved around the country for the last nine years and is most recently calling the First Coast Home. She is a self-taught seasmstress who has designed for herself, but is now determined to bring some of her own historically-inspired aesthetic to others. 

Elizabeth Graham is a seasoned designer with over 10 years expierience. "The bulk of my current work is historical fashion and its construction. My idea for STAFW is to use the priciples and elements of dressmaking from the 16th - 19th centuries, but in a way that can be worn with modern sensibility." Elizabeth Graham. This season Elizabeth introduces her first collection of everyday womenswear, and we can't wait! 


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Bine & Bas 


Bine & Bas offering a unique style of men's clothing that is in conjunction with contempory fashion. Comfortable shirting fit for both casual and corporate men looking for an alternative to the everday menswear. 


Bine & Bas ' looks will consist of varying color patterns of mens button down, longsleeves shirting as well as pocket squares. 


Bine & Bas


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Donna Moody Gray of Global Island Treasures presenting her S/S 17 Collection " Island Adventure" 


"All of our Global Island Treasures pieces can be made using either Tahitian, South Sea, or Freshwater pearls.  You can customize by adding in a monogram and choosing your favorite shade of leather we carry." 


Donna Mood Gray hand makes every Global Island Treasures piece of wearable art at her in-home studio.  Each pearl is hand selected and placed just perfectly to adorn the bodies of both women and men. This will be the second STAFW runway event for Donna and we are so pleased to share the new collection "Island Adventures". 


Global Island Treasures




Presenting Boutique: Apricot Lane Boutique

Owner Toni McCormack, has always had an interest in fashion, accessories and the latest styles. After a franchise market analysis, a year and a half of extensive research, and strong support of her husband and three kids, Apricot Lane Boutique opened to rave reviews in September 2014. 


Apricot Lane Boutique is a specialty womens boutique recognized as a unique, fresh, fun and committed to a warm, friendly environment that invites you to come back again and again. Apricot Lane is located at the Avenues Mall. Apparel and accessories are limited in their availability, unlimited in affordability. 


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