MODA Alcazar Night 3 Designers

MODA Alcazar show nights are September 14th, 15th, and 16th 2016 to be held at the Lightner Museum featuring both local and national Designers. Get to know the talented indivuals that STAFW has so carefully selected to present their SS 17 collections this Fall. 

J.T Vinson 


Alan Vinson is a custom clothier and men’s clothing designer with 20 years of experience advising CEOs, attorneys, CPAs, doctors, coaches, athletes and business owners on what to wear. Mr. Vinson also advises nearly 100 other professional clothiers in the U.S. and the U.K. as a management consultant. Within his industry, Alan Vinson is regarded as one of the top five independent custom clothiers in America.


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Joseph Lago of Bettie's Wardrobe. "When I create a new collection, I usually find inspiration from a James Bond movie or other movies of that time. Once I have an idea of the decade that I find the most appealing for the current season, I talk over my designs with my wife, Holly Lago, and begin to sketch out the designs. Talking with my wife gives me valuable imput of how to best design for a woman’s body and to make sure that I am able to stay true to the retro feel while bringing it into the modern world." Joseph Lago.  Bettie’s Wardrobe has been in production since 2013.  


Bettie’s Wardrobe is about bringing back the style of the vintage woman and update it for the modern woman. I started Bettie’s Wardrobe three years ago when I decided fashion was the career that I wanted to pursue. I like the eras between 1940s until the early 1980s. I like how the silhouettes can show off a woman’s curves, yet they can be worn in the workplace or out for a night on the town. As a designer, I like the modern fabrics and the techniques used in modern clothing; with my collections, I take some of the vintage silhouettes and put a slight modern twist to them.




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LYDIA ANNE™ is a luxury designer brand exclusively representing power-elite women around the world. Our mission is to aid in their success and to also concurrently shed a light on their stamina as they exude pillars of luxury via métier. From luxurious wool suits, to tailored gowns, we specialize in hand crafting investment pieces that offer these highly influential women a brand carrying the benefits of high fashion yet the essence of accountability fitting to their standards. Exclusive & CSR+ we choose quality over quantity with our products and our people.


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"I am Lydia Anne, and in 1989 I was born with a rare vascular anomaly that would separate me from normalcy for the rest of my life. You can learn more about this condition by visiting ml. While it still affects my speech and there have been plenty of challenges to overcome, my story is not a tale of defeat. Throughout life my mother has taught me to embrace my realities and to use them to my advantage, this wasn't always easy. I was born into a background of business with a father in `inance, a mother who designed/ sewed couture wedding/ballroom dance gowns, and a sister who conquered the corporate world in her early twenties. As you can imagine, I’ve spent my entire life perfecting techniques to represent myself in a way that enabled me to gain the attention and respect I needed to survive the modern career world.


Yet, with or without an anomaly, I've found that many women struggle with this and I have also found that many women find courage in the way I have chosen to live my life. In recognizing the opportunity I had to lead by example, I decided to create a brand surrounding the needs of likeminded women. With the help of my mothers 35 years in the bespoke industry I began perfecting my skills 4 years ago by her side. This collection will be the first time we, my sister, our mother, and I have created a collection together as a collective team. We cannot wait to debut it at the STAWF show." Lydia Siyufy 


DESIGNERS: Nicolette, Donna, & Lydia Siyufy


Souadou Barry Designer of Fulani Handbags


Hi, I'm Souadou Barry, Founder and creative director of Fulani and I wanted to share with you a little bit about the creative process behind Fulani bags.

I get my inspiration from my travels, and my designs are a reflection of all I have seen, felt and loved.

Fulani is the name of a nomadic population who encountered many different cultures in their journeys, each of them making them who they are. Like my nomadic ancestors, my inspiration comes from all the places I have been, and where I come from.

A few years ago I fell in love with a traditional hand woven fabric from Senegal, called Rabaal.  From there the vision to use this rich and colorful fabric as an inspiration for a handbag line was born. With so many pattern and color possibilities the design options are endless.

Fulani takes an ancient pattern and makes it contemporary again. When designing, I like to keep the collection simple with elegant lines to compliment the eclectic fabric insert I use. Soft leather frame and luxury hardware give it a contemporary touch while the craftsmanship makes it timeless. 


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