"Season 3" March 22 - 24 2017 

Ani Sarkissian - Womenswear

Designer Ani Sarkissian 

Retail Therapy of St. Augustine - Womenswear - DeAnn Matza Retail Therapy St. Augustine


Fulani Handbags - Designer Souadoy Barry 


American Sewist - Womenswear - Designer Liz Graham

Global Island Treasures - Jewelry - Designer Donna Gray 


Rochelle's Clothing -  Womenswear - Karen Rochelle 

Whiskini Bikinis - Swimwear - Designer Sarah Yamnitz

Whiskini Bikinis

RCB Fashion - Couture Womenswear - Designer Erin Foley 

RCB Fashion

Naz & Court - Womenswear - Designers Naz Harounian and Courtney Barriger 

Naz&Court Legacy Collection - cutting-edge textile technology married with old-world craftsmanship, bringing the movement to protect our planet into everyday new modern classic clothing.  A lifestyle collection made to provide your versatile wardrobe needs, eco-ethically made. Legacy is a permanent collection that expands like a lifetime, instead of a season. Naz & Court


Erin Healy - Womenswear - Designer Erin Healy Erin Healy Designs

New collection "Havana" is inspired by the travel to the Old city and its beautiful architecture and vintage feel. The collection consists of 2 piece separates, and dresses, and jumpsuits that encompasses a feeling of young love and romance. Expect to see bright colors with pops of red and pink and orange. In addition I will be unveiling my first unisex reversible vest.

No Sympathy Swimwear - Swimwear - Designer Gabi Walters No Sympathy Swimwear

A Little Black Closet - BARRI Handbags - Stylist Kimberly Black A Little Black Closet

Apricot Lane - Womanswear - Bourtique Toni McCormack


Curves Below - Womenswear Swimwear - Karel Crawford Danzie 

Curves Below

Shortdog Jewelry Design - Jewelry - Designer Sara LePlante 

SDJ Designs


STAFW “Season 3”Night 2  


Rochelle’s - womenswear - Boutique Karen Rochelle

Ani Sarkissian - Womenswear - Designer Ani Sarkissian

Global Island Treasures - Jewelry - Designer Donna Gray

Retail Therapy of St. Augustine - Womenswear - Boutique DeAnn Matza

Fulani - Handbags - Designer Souadou Barry

American Sewist - Womenswear - Designer Elizabeth Graham


Whiskini Bikini - Swimwear - Designer Sarah Yamnitz

Bartram Trail Fashion Academy Students COMPETITION

  • Designer Alana Butler  -  Model  Alice Hout

  • Designer Alyssa Billings - Model Rebecca Harkness

  • Designer Grace Brennan - Model Lainey Miller

  • Designer Marisa Contreras - Model Karuna Doshi

  • Designer Morgan Duffy - Model Ainsley Cherry

  • Designer Morgan McManaman - Model Delaney Tanner

  • Designer Alexis Wenkstern -  Model Kayla Cote

  • Designer Shannon Mellish - Model Ashley Engle

  • Designer Courtney Thomas - Model Olivia Lovin

  • Designer J’Nae Curtis - Model Tara Reilly

  • Designer Emily Bulthuis - Model Chessie Davidson

  • Designer Kelsey Ecclesiastre - Model Jalen Germann

  • Designer Noel Guerra - Model Kathryn Arnett

  • Designer Britney Anderson - Model Miranda Montgomery

  • Designer Gracie Stowe - Model Renae Burr

  • Designer Lauren Donalson - Model Kaia Aguilar

  • Designer Kelsey Harre - Model Charlotte Riley

  • Designer Giovanna Moceri - Model Jane Hufnagel


RCB Fashion - Couture Womenswear - Designer Erin Foley


Friday March 24th

STAFW “Season 3” Night 2  

Showcasing Designers Night 2:


V & A -  Designer Veronica Arroyo  Presenting “Diversity”

  • “Havana” Models Lauren Hartley - Mikaela Taylor -

  • “Africa” Models Anouk Victor - Alexsus McCray

  • “Cambodia” Models - Tara Reilly - Jane Hufnagel

  • “India” Models - Didi Victor - Emanuel Victor

A Little Black Closet- BARRI Handbags - Stylist Kimberly Black

Apricot Lane - Womenswear - Boutique Toni McCormack

Bartram Trail Fashion Academy Students Group Presentation

  • Designers: Alana Butler - Esmeralda Torres - Maria Torres

  • Designers: Courtney Abdur-Rahim - Jaclyn Burkett - Sarah Lechner - Olivia Lovin

  • Designers: Morgan Duffy - Abbey Miller

  • Designers: J’Nae Curtis - Jasmine Powell

  • Designers: Sierra Flores - Emily Frick - Eleanor Phipps

  • Designers: Ann Binkley - Kelsy Ecclesiastre - Alice Hout - Alexis Wenkstern

Short Dog Jewelry Design- Jewelry - Designer Sara Leplante


No Sympathy Swimwear - Swimwear - Designer Gabi Walters

Curves Below - Womenswear - Karel Crawford Danzie

Erin Healy - Womenswear - Designer Erin Healy

Naz & Court - Womenswear - Designers Courtney Barriger and Naz Harounian

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