Designers Showing Season 8 May 5 2022 // The Lightner Museum 

Holding Court 

Designer, Courtney Barriger

Holding Court - Designer, Courtney Barriger
As a STAFW alumni, Courtney Barriger's former brand Naz&Court closed out our show the very first year. Designing professionally for 10 years, Courtney has won awards for her sustainability practices and is motivated to change the nature of how and why we buy clothes.
"This season, Holding Court will debut the latest collection Cosmic Connections. Holding Court is treating the planet as if we plan to stay but open to cosmic connections. I'm looking to the stars for inspiration. Maybe we move to Mars? Hopefully not, but I'm open. And on a more profound level, choosing sustainability is choosing mindfulness… which to me is a reflection of my walk with God and the impact I want to leave behind. In many ancient cultures, God is in the sky and found in nature. So the patterns and designs reflect the more mystical nature of existence."
Vanity Fair and British GQ are spotlighting Holding Court this Spring. NBC and Fox have run stories about Courtney winning an award for sustainability by iHollywood Film Festival. In April, she will be publishing a kid's book on sustainability in fashion in Hong Kong with an art gallery. She will also be hosting lectures in Jax while in town.

Imani Cowrie 

Designer, Breonna Vereen

Imani Cowrie - Jewelry Designer, Breonna Vereen
Imani means faith in Swahili, because faith in God is what fuels them. Cowrie is the type of shell that they used to make their very first earrings and plan to incorporate into their future collections. Imani Cowrie aims to help women who love big earrings wear big earrings without the pain associated with having stretched earlobes. Their unique line of large and lightweight 3D printed statement earrings challenge the perspective of what jewelry should and should not be.
"This season, Imani Cowrie will be presenting a collection of a unique mix of large 3D printed never before seen earring shapes that range in size but are consistently weightless. In addition to the earrings, we will be including a few bold statement hair accessories."

Noelani The Label 

Designer, Kyla Cote 

Noelani the Label - Designer, Kyla Cote
Kyla Noelani Cote is no stranger to the STAFW runway. She got her start in fashion design in the Bartram Trail High School fashion design academy and has modeled and designed for STAFW shows since Season 3 in 2017.
"For season 8, I plan to feature completely new styles. I am very inspired by vintage swimwear from the 80s and 90s. I plan to use many unique prints and bold colors. I also will debut my first underwire bra-style top. I want my line to have a style for everyone, so I will have a mix of bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, and resort wear. I will also have a range of coverage options, from cheeky to full coverage. And of course, something that is very important to me is having a diverse selection of models, so I plan to bring that to the runway as well."


Designer, Souadou Barry

Fulani - Designer, Souadou Barry
Souadou Barry, Founder and creative director of Fulani handbags is an architect and fashion designer who finds inspiration in her travels, and cultural heritage. Fulani is the name of a nomadic population who encountered many different cultures in their journeys, each making them who they are. Like her nomadic ancestors, inspiration comes from all the places she has visited.
"Fulani takes an ancient pattern and makes it contemporary again. This season, we'll be keeping simple designs with elegant lines to compliment the eclectic fabric insert used. Soft leather frame and luxury hardware add a contemporary touch while the craftsmanship makes it timeless."


Designer, Belinda Harrington

beeutifulvibes - Jewelry Designer, Belinda "Bee" Harrington
Specializing in the creation of handcrafted waistbeads, Beeutifulvibes has been in business since 2019. The mission of Beeutifulvibes is to advocate for the conscientious practice of self-love and accountability by utilizing a 20th century African tradition to connect with personal intentions. Beeutifulvibes was developed from a personal health journey where Belinda "Bee" used waist beads as a non-scale victory tool to combat anxiety for the scale.


Designer, Victoria Henley 

Magnifique - Designer, Victoria Henley
Created and curated by Victoria Henley of America's Next Top Model: Cycle 19, Magnifique celebrates people of all sizes and ethnicities, paying homage through a distinctive, eccentric and unique design aesthetic to empowered women throughout history, in the mediums of art, music, literature, and of course: Fashion. Magnifique has been shown at top fashion weeks and events around the world and across the US, including NYFW, LAFW, Miami Fashion Week, New Orleans Fashion Week, South Carolina Fashion Week, and of course, Atlanta International Fashion Week. Magnifique Design Label has also been highlighted on American Beauty Star (Lifetime Network), Star Style (Jewelry Television), and several programming outlets for TVOne.
Old Hollywood and tropical charm are the inspiration for Victoria Henley's latest collection for Magnifique, and we can't wait to see what she brings to the runway!

Deborah M

Designer, Marshagay Raymond

Deborah"M" - Designer, Marshagay Raymond
Marshagay Raymond was born and raised in Jamaica. She is a graduate of the University of Technology Jamaica, where she pursued her first love, fashion design. She graduated with honors and holds a BA degree in Apparel Production and Management. Her brand, Deborah"M", is inspired by her late grandmother, Deborah Maxwell. Her tagline, "Be Bold, Be Creative, Be Different. Expression through fashion." depicts what her brand is all about.
"This is my second time doing the St. Augustine Fashion Week show and I'm beyond excited, my last collection, we did a little bit of high fashion, for this season, I will be showing my versatility (a little bit of everything) from street wear to wearable art."

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